Gray Hawn, Master Photographer


About the Artist

Gray Hawn, acclaimed photographer has been photographing for over 30 years. Her love of "capturing the moment" began during her years training in oil and watercolor. Gray's search for sacred light on six continents has earned her the title of Master Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America. Her art tells the stories of Royalty, Presidents, Diplomats, Mayan Civilizations, and Cowboys.

Gray's work has been accepted to hang in the National Gallery in Washington D.C., her formal portrait of Princess Grace shares it's home with Shakespeare in the Globe Theater in London and her portrait of Prince Ranier III and Princess Grace adorned the official government stamp of Monaco. President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush have both used Hawn's fine art watercolor prints in the White House as diplomatic gifts. She is a fearless photographer and travels far and wide, crossing deserts and jungles to add to her collection of Fine Art.